Almog - Business Information and Investigations

Almog – Business Information and Investigations was established in Tel Aviv in 1995, by Yifat Schiller, who served criminal investigation divisionof the IDF and studied criminology at Bar-Ilan University. She has also undergone training in various fields such as finance, law and body language.

The office operates in accordance with the Private Investigators and Security Services Law, 1972, employing strategies, field investigation, intelligence, and questioning in order to uncover the truth and present the client with a clear, accurate and reliable situation report.

Almog – Business Informationand Investigations is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice, is a member of the Israeli Bureau of Private Investigators and operates in accordance with the law.  The office’s team of investigators is licensed, professional, creative, discrete and conforms to high standards. Almog – Business Information and Investigations is experienced in complicated investigations from all fields including civil, commercial and criminal. The office offers investigative services as well as intelligence gathering in the commercial-financial sphere.

This includes testing companies, businesses and individuals, and employing undercover investigatorswith the purpose of providing the client with an accurate situation assessment.

Almog – Business Information and Investigations provides services for a wide spectrum of clients in the spheres of banking, industry, real estate and hi-tech, the Israeli Public Defender’s Office, businesses and individuals.

Almog – Business Information and Investigations serves clients in a variety of fields, including:
Financial Investigations
Financial information may be collectedwith regard to a company, business or private individual, for debt collection or business intelligence.

Investigative Stratagems:
Our office specializes in the niche of smaller-scale ‘boutique’ investigations. This includes stratagems, complicated investigations, backed up by recordings to obtain information relevant to negotiations and producing evidence for litigation.  These ‘investigative stratagems’ require experience, knowledge and creativity, specifically required for carrying out investigations of ‘professional swindlers’, who hide their assets by registering ownership to others.  In order to carry out “investigative stratagems’ the investigators, working within the framework of the law, will adopt a fictitious identity when meeting with the indebted person in order to encourage him to provide the necessary information by subterfuge.

Profile Investigations:

A future son-in-law, spouse, business partner or potential employee: Investigation will trace the background of the subject; where he studied, served in the army and previous employment.  The investigator will locate his schoolmates, fellow soldiers and work colleagues, interview former close personal friends and neighbors about him and his personality, credibility and his involvement in romantic, business and family relationships.

Investigation of fraud, theft from employer and business intelligence for litigation or business purposes:

The office carries out investigations, questions the parties and documents findings with the aim of bringing them to court or to the police as admissible and reliable evidence.

Consultation for large companies and organizations.

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